ALL48-3D Lashes 48 Styles, 1 Dozen each (48 dz box)

Quantity: 24

ALL48 - 3D Lashes
(3D Cruelty-Free Faux (Synthetic) Mink Lashes)

This deal has total of 48 styles 3D Lashes #1-48 1 dozen box each style = 48 dozen deal =  576 pcs! 

The 3D Faux Mink False Eyelash collection is curated to amplify your eye look from day to night in a blink of an eye. These lashes are delicately composed of ultra soft, 3D, high-quality synthetic fibers that mimic mink to provide the natural-look of volume, length and a touch of drama—all-in-one. The lash band is designed for comfortable and flexible long wear as it gives an easy-on-the-eyes look that adapts to any eye shape.

* Side note: Please note #31 lash has blue lashes added & #33 lash has purple lashes added *

For closer look of the each Lash style, please click here.


What you'll love:

  • ALL 48 Styles of 3D Mink Lash Deal (1 dozen each style = 48 dozen = 576 pcs)
  • Multi-layered 3D effect
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra-soft
  • Tapered-end
  • Reusable up to 10 times
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free



How to Use: 

  • Gently remove lash from the tray and trim lash to fit your eye shape.
  • Prepare your lashes as you curl and, if desired, apply a light coat of mascara.
  • Apply glue to the lash band and dd extra glue to the ends of the lash band for extra hold.
  • Wait around 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky and apply along the natural lash line.
  • Make sure to hold the lash in place for a few seconds until the lash strip holds.
  • To remove lashes, gently peel off false lashes from the root.
  • Gently peel away lash adhesive buildup on the lash band after 2 to five uses.



Synthetic Mink, Cruelty-Free!